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Food Alerts

Recall of ABC Jelly Fruit Cup Sweets Due to Possible Choking Risk

Tuesday, 09 June 2020

Alert Summary
Category 1: For Action
Alert Notification: 2020.30
Product Identification: ABC Jelly Products: Girl Jelly Fruity Bites; Boy Jelly Fruity Bites; Fruitery Jelly Assorted Jar; Fruitery Jelly Assorted Bag; Pentagon Cup Jelly Snacks Bag; Pentagon Cup Taro Bag; Pentagon Cup Taro Jar;Assorted Jelly Snacks.   Please see photos below of some examples of these products. 
Batch Code All batch codes; all best before dates.
Country Of Origin: Taiwan

Category 1 Food Alert for Action: ABC jelly fruit cup sweets are subject to recall as they may cause a choking risk.


The above ABC jelly fruit cup sweets are subject to recall, as they may cause a choking risk, due to the presence of gel-forming food additive ingredients.  Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores supplied with the implicated sweets.

Action Required:

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Retailers are requested to remove the implicated sweets from sale and to display a point-of-sale recall notice in stores where they were sold.  Wholesalers/distributors are requested to contact their affected customers and recall the implicated sweets and provide a point-of-sale recall notice to their retailer customers. 


Consumers are advised not to eat the implicated sweets.

Example A
Example B