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Food Alerts

Recall of Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll Pastry Products Due to Undeclared Milk

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Alert Summary
Category 1: For Action
Alert Notification: 2020.10
Product Identification: Please refer to table below for details.
Batch Code Please refer to table below for details.
Country Of Origin: Singapore

Category 1 Food Alert for Action: Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll Pastry products are being recalled due to undeclared milk.


Milk protein (caseinate) is an ingredient of the Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll Pastry products listed below, however, milk is not declared in the ingredients list.  The implicated batches were sold to retailers, wholesalers and caterers nationwide and are subject to recall.

Nature Of Danger:

The affected batches may be unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of milk or its constituents.

Action Required:

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Retailers are requested to remove the implicated batches from sale and to display a point-of-sale recall notice in stores where these batches were sold.  Wholesalers/distributors are requested to contact their customers and recall the affected batches and provide a point-of-sale notice to their retailer customers.  Caterers should inform their customers of the presence of milk in any products made using the implicated batches.

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