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Withdrawal of a Batch of Symbio Ekologiczne Platki Jaglane Millet Flakes Due to the Presence of Elev

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Alert Summary
Category 2: For Information
Alert Notification: 2020.40
Product Identification: Symbio Ekologiczne Płatki Jaglane (Millet Flakes); pack size: 250g
Batch Code 10.2020 (3003); best before date: 31/10/2020
Country Of Origin: Ukraine

Category 2 Food Alert for Information: A batch of Symbio Ekologiczne Płatki Jaglane millet flakes is being withdrawn due to the presence of elevated Ochratoxin A.


Elevated Ochratoxin A was detected in the above batch of Symbio Ekologiczne Płatki Jaglane millet flakes. Ochratoxin A is a toxin which is produced by fungi growing on the plant material.  The implicated batch is being withdrawn from the market.

Millet photo