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Food Safety Consultative Council Open Meeting: Food and Plastic – A Question of Taste?

November 21st - 21st

Time: 08:20am - 12:30pm

Location: The Science Gallery, Dublin 2

To register, please click here. Places are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

To read the agenda, please click here.

The Food Safety Consultative Council (FSCC) of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) acts as a forum for debate on food safety issues and provides advice to the FSAI Board on areas of relevance. With a membership from the wider interests in food safety, it affords consumers, industry and other stakeholders to provide valuable input to the aims and agenda of the FSAI.

Through its regular meetings, the FSCC examines issues relevant to all parts of the food chain, from farm to fork, and reviews food safety initiatives proposed or already in place aimed at protecting consumers and ensuring their health and interests are foremost.

In historic terms, we are familiar with the descriptions Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Today it seems we live in the Plastic Age. Protecting our planet and our future means we have to manage the production, use and disposal of plastic. While current public debate suggests that we have to reconsider our use of plastic, it does play an important role in the food sector from production equipment to packaging and labelling. ‘Food and Plastic – A Question of Taste?’ will discuss the role of plastic in packaging in relation to food safety. A range of packaging, environmental and food business experts will expand on these topics and more during the panel debate, which will be moderated by well-known journalist, author and broadcaster, Ms Suzanne Campbell.

All are welcome. This event is FREE to attend.

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