Recall of Several Donnybrook Fair Pizzas Due to Mislabelling with the Incorrect Use by Date

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Category 2:

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Donnybrook Fair Pizza Carne, Donnybrook Fair Pizza Margherita, Donnybrook Fair Pizza Pancetta e Funghi, Donnybrook Fair Pollo e Chipotle and Donnybrook Fair Pizza Quattro Formaggi; pack size: 540g

Batch Code:

197; Use by: 31/7/2021

Country Of Origin:



Morehampton Foods is recalling the above batch of its pizzas due to mislabelling with the incorrect use by date of 31/7/2021. The correct use by date is 21/7/2021. The implicated pizzas may be unsafe to eat after 21/7/2021. Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in Donnybrook Fair stores supplied with the implicated batch.

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