Lidl Ireland Recalls Some El Tequito Taquitos Due to Incorrect Storage

Thursday, 2 September 2021

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El Tequito Taquitos Spicy Cheese & Chicken, Taquitos Chicken Fajita and Taquitos Spicy Cheese & Beef; pack size: 640g

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All batches sold chilled. Frozen products are excluded. 

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Lidl is recalling the above products from some of its stores where they were sold as chilled instead of frozen due to a supply chain error.  Given this error, the best-before date printed on the pack is not valid for the chilled products and therefore, they should not be consumed. Point-of-sale recall notices are displayed in stores supplied with the affected products which includes some stores within Leinster and County Tipperary. Please see list of affected stores.