Recall of M and P Traditional Meat and Food Products – Smoked Meat Pieces and Hand Crafted Sausages

Friday, 31 May 2019

Category 1:

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M&P Traditional Meat and Food Products: all smoked meat pieces, Lovacka Kobasica, Kranjska Kobasica, Domaca Slavonska Kobasica, Grill Kobasica, Domaca Spek, Debrecinka Kobasica, Domaca Kobasica, Cesnjovka Kobasica, Grill Sausages, Kranjska Sausages without Paprika, Huunter Sausages without Paprika, Top Sausages with Paprika, Garlic Sausages without Paprika, (see labels); all pack sizes.

Batch Code:

All batch codes, all ‘use-by’ dates.

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Smoked meat pieces and hand crafted sausages made by M&P Traditional Meat and Food Products are being recalled. The manufacturer is unregistered but some of the products incorrectly carry the approval marks IE 2639 and IE 2936.  The products were made in a premises that was not approved to manufacture ready-to-eat products.

Action Required:

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Food businesses are requested to remove the affected products from sale and clearly display a point-of-sale recall notice informing customers not to eat the implicated products.

sausages 6-7