Recall of Ballinwillin House Farm Venison, Wild Boar and Goat Minced Meat and Meat Preparations Due to Processing in an Establishment Not Approved for Production of Minced Meat or Meat Preparations

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Category 1:

For Action

Alert Notification:



All products listed in the table below with an approval number of IE-2930-EC

Batch Code:

All batch codes, all use by dates.

Country Of Origin:



All venison, wild boar and goat minced meat and meat preparations from Ballinwillin House Farm, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork are being recalled as they were processed in an establishment that is not approved for the production of minced meat or meat preparations. The products were produced without relevant HACCP based procedures and were not subject to official controls. See examples of some product labels below.

Action Required:

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers & retailers:

Retailers are requested to remove the implicated products from sale and to display a point-of-sale recall notice in stores where the affected products were sold. 

Wholesalers/distributors are requested to contact their affected customers and recall the affected products and provide a point-of-sale recall notice to their retailer customers. 

Caterers should not use the implicated products.


Consumers are advised not to eat the implicated products.

Ballinwillin House Farm Recalled Products.JPG
Ballinwillin House Farm Example labels 2.JPG