Recall of Oishii Sushi Products Due to Metal Particles in Rice Ingredient

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

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Oishii Sushi products: Hoisin Duck Sushi, Yasai Vegetarian Sushi, Chicken Teriyaki Sushi, Sakana Fish Sushi, Fabulous Fish Sushi, Sushi Salad Bento, Superior Sushi Selection, Niku Meat Selection,  Fuji, Superior, Seasonal. (Approval number IE 4039 EC)


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use by dates: 23.09.2015 and 24.09.2015.


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As a precautionary measure, Oishii Foods is recalling its sushi products made with a batch of rice that has been found to contain tiny metal particles.  No other products are affected by this recall.  Point-of-sale recall notices are to be displayed in shops where the implicated batch has been sold.  Photographs of a few of the implicated products are below.

chicken teriyaki sushi
Yasai sushi
duck hoisin sushi