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Fipronil in Eggs – Update 1

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fipronil is an insecticide which is not permitted for use around food producing animals. Traceability on the eggs from the Netherlands contaminated with Fipronil is continuing. The FSAI can confirm that in June, very small quantities of boiled eggs were supplied to nine catering outlets in Ireland. These eggs had a ‘use-by’ date of 17th July and are no longer available. Similarly, in early July, a small quantity of liquid pasteurised egg (with a ‘use-by’ date of 20th July) was supplied to a number of food businesses for use in bakery products.

 All of the food businesses concerned have been contacted and any remaining products removed from sale. The number of egg products imported is very small. The risk to consumer health is very low. Nevertheless, the FSAI will continue to trace any distribution in Ireland. Further updates will be provided as necessary.