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Fish Authenticity Checks

Each year the FSAI coordinates the sampling and analysis of fish and fish products on sale through various outlets in Ireland. This work is carried out to ensure that consumers can have confidence that the fish which is declared on the label or in associated advertisement material is actually contained in the product they purchase. DNA technology can identify the particular species of fish present in various fish products on the market in Ireland and is used by FSAI to ensure that it matches that on the label or in advertisements.

Sampling is carried out nationwide by Environmental Health Officers who submit samples to the Public Analyst laboratory in Cork for analysis. Samples are collected from restaurants (including pubs), takeaways, retail outlets and fish mongers on a random basis. Products labelled as cod or containing cod are primarily targeted in view of the results of previous surveys that identified significant mislabelling of such products. However, the technology enables the identification of most fish species and thus the scope of this monitoring exercise will expand as the need arises.

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