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Food Irradiation Checks in Ireland - 2020

Each year specific foods that may have been irradiated but not labelled appropriately are sampled and analysed to determine compliance with Framework Directive 1999/2/EC and its implementing Directive 1999/3/EC (S.I. No 297 of 2000).

1. Results of checks carried out on irradiation facilities in Ireland
There are no facilities in Ireland that have been approved for the irradiation of food.

2. Results of checks carried out at the product marketing stage to detect undeclared irradiated foods
Foods were sampled by Environmental Health Officers and analysed by the Public Analyst Laboratory in Cork. A total of 9 food products were sampled and analysed in 2020, with no positives detected (Table 1).

Table 1: Results for the food irradiation checks in 2020

(EU Food Categories)
Food Types Analysed
No. samples analysed No. positive samples (i.e. irradiated but not declared) CEN Method

(08) Fruit and Vegetables



  • Screening test: EN 13751
  • Confirmation test: EN 1788

(09) Herbs and Spices







CEN (European Committee for Standardization); EN (European Standard)