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Approval of a new business

If your business handles and/or processes foods of animal origin you may need approval.  The relevant competent authority will offer advice and provide details of the approval process.

Get details on the relevant competent authority.

Typical businesses requiring approval would include:

  • slaughterhouses
  • meat processers
  • meat product manufacturers (e.g., hams, salamis)
  • egg producers
  • producers of dairy products (e.g., milk, cheese, yoghurt)
  • fish processors
  • producers of processed fishery products (e.g., smoked fish, marinated fish)

Approval takes into account plans, premises design and layout, waste management, processes, HACCP procedures, products and throughput, among other things.

Businesses requiring approval must be approved before commencing trade. It is advisable to contact your competent authority for advice at the earliest stage of your business development. 

After your business gets approval

Once approved, your business receives a unique approval number.

This number appears: