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Offical Agencies Staff Training

Offical Agencies Staff Training

FSAI's Training and Compliance team ensure that the right training and tools are developed and are in place to enable food safety Inspector’s understanding of, and industry compliance with the law. The team deliver training using a variety of training methodologies, including face-to-face, virtual training sessions and online learning modules for official agency staff and food businesses on various aspects of food law and food science.

The FSAI Training team share the management of Ireland’s participation in the European Commission’s Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) programme, managing participation by staff from the Health Service Executive, Sea Fisheries Protection Authority and the Local Authority Veterinary Service. 

FSAI's Training and Compliance team engage with the food industry and third level educational institutions though two networks: The Trainers’ Network and The Educators’ Forum.

The purpose of the Trainer’s Network is to engage and communicate more effectively with food safety trainers. The goal of this network is to establish links, provide support and raise the standard of food safety training being provided in Ireland. Workshops of the group include presentations on topics of relevance to the work of the trainers, as well as discussions regarding food safety issues. 

The purpose of the Educators’ Forum is to liaise with Educational Institutes and Universities to share resources and build capacity to increase food safety teaching and knowledge.  

The''Food Safety and You'' induction training programme is designed to be delivered by supervisors/managers/trainers to staff within their own food business settings. This training programme is delivered by the FSAI to trainers within the food businesses, enabling them to go on and train their own staff. 

The team are also involved in compliance building projects, such as development of national guides to good practice and development of compliance building tools for industry.