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Food Safety and You

Induction Training Programme - Food Safety and You

Who is it For?

The Food Safety and You training programme is designed to be delivered in your business, by your supervisors/managers, to your staff. The FSAI train supervisors / managers how to deliver the induction level course to their staff, on a train-the-trainer basis.

What is involved?

Food Safety and You promotes active learning and the application of training in the work environment, with the involvement of the trainer, manager or supervisor in the process. A variety of training materials are used to ensure that the training is interesting, interactive and fun. A breakdown of the training materials is outlined below:

Training Material Description

Trainer's Guide

This is the training manual which explains to the trainer how to deliver the induction programme 'Food Safety and You'.

Trainee's Workbooks

This is divided into 8 colour coded modules with a variety of exercises. Each trainee is given a workbook which is theirs to keep.


The training video has been created using mime and humour with two central characters throughout.  The video is divided into 8 short modules, where we see John and Sue in a catering and food service environment.

Training Games

3 Training posters have been created to assist discussion and learning of key points in the module to which they relate:

  • Food worker personal hygiene poster
  • Danger zone temperature control poster with game pieces and a temperature dice
  • Accepting a food delivery poster with game pieces

Food Safety Signs

To reinforce food safety messages in the workplace, food safety signs are included with the training materials.

‘Food Safety & You’ is a 4-hour induction training programme, for employees in all sectors of the food industry. It is designed to be delivered by supervisors/managers/trainers to staff within their own food business. It is based on the skills outlined in the FSAI’s Guide to Food Safety Level 1 - Induction Skills.

To avail of ‘Food Safety & You’, food businesses must nominate a manager/trainer or supervisor to attend a 2-day Food Safety Training Skills Workshop. The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver the Induction Training Programme ‘Food Safety and You’. Participants on the train-the-trainer course must have experience in the food industry and/or qualifications in food safety.

The Food Safety Training Skills Workshop is certified by the FSAI. Participants who attend the workshop and complete the assessment will become approved trainers to deliver the FSAI induction programme 'Food Safety & You'. The workshop costs €450 per participant and this covers the cost of attendance, including lunch and all training materials required to subsequently deliver the induction programme ‘Food Safety & You’ back in the workplace.

The two-day interactive training workshop runs from 10 am to 4 pm each day. A summary of the topics covered on the workshop are outlined below.

Day 1

  • Food safety training

  • The "Food Safety and You" induction programme

  • Adult learning principles

  • Preparing to deliver training

  • Training delivery techniques

  • Evaluating training

Day 2

  • 'Food Safety & You’ presentation preparation & assessment

  • Back to work action plans and assignment details

Workshop assessment is by

  • Delivery of a module from the ‘Food Safety and You’ training programme, completed on Day 2 of the course.
  • Submission of a collection of work documenting the delivery and evaluation of the ‘Food Safety & You’ programme back in the work place.

Overview of the Induction level course

Once your food business’ manager/trainer or supervisor completes the 2-day Food Safety Training Skills Workshop, they will be able to deliver the ‘Food Safety & You’ 4-hour induction training programme back to your staff. It is based on the skills outlined in the FSAI’s Guide to Food Safety Level 1 - Induction Skills.

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