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FSAI Board Meeting Minutes 8th November 2022


  • Mr Martin Higgins (MH), Chairman
  • Mr Patrick Knight (PK)
  • Ms Mary Cullen (MC)
  • Prof Martin Cormican (P. MC) (Remotely, partial attendance)
  • Ms. Ann Horan (AH) (Remotely via MSTeams)
  • Dr Cliodhna Foley-Nolan (CFN)

In attendance

  • Dr Pamela Byrne (PB), Chief Executive
  • Mr Kevin Roantree (KR), Board Secretary
  • Mr. Marc Kane (MK) (for Item 6.4)


  • Mr Gerard McCurdy (GMcC)
  • Prof Francis Butler (FB)

The Chair commenced the meeting with a private session of the Board after which PB and KR returned to the meeting. It was noted that as GMcC was unable to attend the next ARC meeting it had been agreed that AH would Chair that meeting.

1. Disclosure of Interests

There were no disclosures

2. Minutes of the Board meetings

The Board reviewed and approved both sets of posted minutes (14th Sept ‘22 & 11th Oct ’22) subject to 2 minor amendments

3. Matters Arising

The matters arising were reviewed and noted by the Board.

4. CEO Report

It was agreed that the report should be taken as read and Board members were invited to raise queries or seek clarifications as required.

The Board raised a number of queries/comments and discussions were had on the following matters:

  • The Board sought clarity on whether the Investigations 2022 Summary table included PDs still open which arose in 2021 and sought insight into the criteria to deem a PD closed. PB stated that she would revert to the Board on these matters.
  • The Board welcomed the updates where some trend analysis on presented figures was provided

P. MC left the meeting

  • There was a query regarding the Food Safety and Integrity Update. PB provided an update regarding on-going developments on the matter.
  • The Board queried the approach being taken to monitor and rectify backlogs as they occurred. PB clarified that the SLT continued to review, that a designated Director was actively monitoring and that the status was also being reviewed as part of the Risk Management Framework.
  • It was noted that there had been an increase in the number of complaints notified to the FSAI. PB clarified that this was largely due to the success of the, “See Something, Say Something” campaign and that there was already consideration as to what the next campaign should be.

5. Enforcement Orders

Reviewed and noted

6. Board Updates

6.1 Strategy Development Update

PB provided the Board with an overview of the process and an update on the identification of an expert special panel to support the development of the next strategy. The Board made a number of recommendations of possible panel members and PB agreed to progress the confirmation of the panel members. The Board also discussed the importance of appropriately capturing sustainability in the next strategy.

The Board considered the proposal for a December Board Strategy review meeting and agreed that it would be more appropriate and useful to schedule this for January and that it be focused on reviewing the internal and external environments as well as consideration of the Authority’s Vision and Mission.

6.2 Strategic Workforce Plan

It was agreed that the report should be taken as read. The Board noted the substantive report and commented that it should provide a vital input into the development of the next strategy. In addition, the Board requested the Executive to ensure that the report be fully utilised to progress the optimisation of resources, and resourcing capacity, in the FSAI. It was agreed that a presentation would be provided at the December Board meeting outlining key insights and next steps.

Action: Provide SWP presentation at the Dec Board meeting

6.3 The Board took a short break

MK joined the meeting

6.4 IT Infrastructure Update

MK provided the Board with an overview of the IT Infrastructure, working environment and the projects being undertaken to address key risks in 2022 and 2023. The Board queried steps being taken to address the cyber security risks and MK provided an overview. The Board thanked MK for his informative and reassuring update.

MK left the meeting

6.5 Scientific Committee Update

MH provided an update on behalf of P. MC which noted that the SC had not met since the last Board meeting and that it is expected that nominations for replacement members on the SC will be brought to the Board in December.

6.5 2023 Board Workplan

The Board noted the proposed dates and requested that the February and April meeting dates be amended to maximise possible attendance. In addition, the Board agreed not to have a meeting in November and requested that the 3 meetings between September and December be equally spread out. The Board also agreed the proposed approach for the provision of a CEO Report aligned to quarterly progress reporting and that a CEO Priorities Report be provided at the other meetings.

Action: Revise Board Workplan and post for December meeting

7.Financial Summary Report

The Board noted the report and requested that changes be made to future finance summary reports to better highlight the comparison of budget vs. actual, income vs. expenditure and that LAVS expenditure be captured as a separate line item.

Action: Revise Finance Summary Report template to reflect Board requests.

8. Corporate Governance

8.1 Board Effectiveness Actions Update

The Board noted the report

8.2 Risk Register

The Board noted the Risk Register

10. AOB


FSAI Board Actions: November 2022



Date Raised




Review the Risk Policy and Register in light of the Board’s discussions and the RAS exercise

Apr 20/ Jun 21/ Dec 21




Ensure that future PCW assessment processes are merit based

Nov 21




Recruitment and Retirement Process: FSAI Executive to review and revert to the Board on actions taken

Feb 22




Present IT Overview paper to the Board

Mar 22




Provide status update on the actions contained in the 2018 Effectiveness Report

Sept 22




Send approved SWP Report to Board members

Oct 22




Revise Finance Summary Report template to reflect Board requests.

Oct 22/ Nov 22




Future Board meeting agenda should include matters for decision at the start


Oct 22




The Board’s proposed workplan for 2023 be posted for the November Board meeting

Oct 22/ Nov 22




Provide SWP presentation at the Dec Board meeting

Nov 22



To Note: Actions raised by the Board will be placed into the Actions table and remain there until completed (or removed by request of the Chair). Once an action is completed it will be marked as such for one meeting prior to being removed.