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Consultative Council Meeting - 14th September 2023

Members Present

  • Ray Bowe, Musgraves [RB] (Chair)
  • Louise Reynolds, INDI [LR]
  • Janis Morrissey, Irish Heart Foundation [JM]
  • Dale Crammond, Meat Industry Ireland, [DC]
  • Annette Sweeney, TUD [AS]
  • Eamonn Quinn, Kelsius [EQ]
  • Paula Barry Walsh, DAFM (retired) [PBW]
  • Jamie Knox, Dr Pepper [JK]
  • Alice McGlynn, Consultant [AMG]
  • Siobhan Murphy, HSE [SM]
  • Mark Christal, Enterprise Ireland [MC]
  • Jonathan Griffith, IHTA [JG]
  • Conor Mulvihill, DII [CM]

FSAI Staff Present

  • Jane Ryder [JR]
  • Michelle Minihan [MM]*
  • Gerard Power [GP]
  • Jennifer Smith [JS]*
  • Gail Carroll [GC]
  • Rob Phillips [RP]
  • Dr Cormac McElhinney [CME]*


  • Catherine Morrison, BIM [CM]
  • Patrick Farrell, Keelings [PF]
  • Paul McKeown, HPSC [PMK]
  • Regina Sexton, UCC [RS]
  • Dave Lang, Craft Butchers of Ireland [DL]
  • Dermott Jewell, CAI [DJ]
  • Adrian Cummins, RAI [AC]
  • Deirdre Ryan, Bord Bia [DR]
  • Sorcha Kavanagh, Repak [SK]

Guest Speakers

  • Dr Kaye Burgess*, Teagasc Food Research Centre [KB]

* Indicates only present for a section of the meeting

Introduction and Welcome

Chair RB gave a brief outline of the agenda and welcomed new Council member Dale Crammond, who accepted an invitation to join in summer 2023.

Declarations of Interest

None Declared. Council members were reminded to submit remaining Declarations of Interest, as the initial assigned deadline has now passed.


  • Outstanding Declarations of Interest to be submitted by the end of September 2023 to GP.

Agree Minutes of Previous meeting (09 March 2023)

The minutes were agreed without amendment. All actions from previous meeting have been closed out with the exemption of outstanding Declarations of Interest.


  • GP to post agreed minutes to FSAI website.

FSCC Topic Discussions: Emerging Global Food Safety Risks 

RB provided an overview of the topic discussion and guest speakers, providing introductions for guest speaker from Teagasc Dr Kaye Burgess [KB] and FSAI speaker Dr Cormac McElhinney [CME]. 

KB hosted the first presentation on the topic of ‘Biological Contaminants’. KB talked through several discussion points relating to the current research programme within Teagasc and ongoing risks they continue to monitor including:

  • Foodborne illness from new pathogens
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Novel ingredients and processing methods
  • Re-occurring, emerging and persisting strains
  • Hybrid strains 
  • Antimicrobial resistance in food production
  • Building safe, sustainable food systems
  • Factors which influence food safety

There was a brief follow up discussion through a Q&A session with KB dealing with queries from Council members on the subjects of current data within Teagasc relating to resistance against biocides for food business operators and future plans to manage pathogens throughout the global food delivery network.

The second presentation was provided by CME on the topic of ‘Global Emerging Risks’. This looked at the research undertaken within FSAI, and all possible short-, medium- & long-term threats identified throughout this ongoing work. Several topics were discussed with the Council including:

  • Drivers of emerging risk
  • Time scale of monitoring
  • FSAI Emerging Risk Identification and Screening System (ERISS)
  • Predicted impact of projected climate change
  • Impacts of changes in temperatures and precipitation patterns
  • Geopolitics
  • Hybrid threats
  • Monetary policy 

During the Q&A session following this presentation CME elaborated on the topics of hybrid threats, drivers of emerging risk with various Council members and industry advice to build better resilience to future threat.

GC provided an example of industry advice from FSAI to food business operators in November 2022 relating to proper food temperatures throughout any possible energy issues. RP and MM also updated the Council on all ongoing cross governmental group work relating to preparation exercises and risk assessment in the event of any national crisis.


  • GP to provide a copy of KB and CME presentations to Council.

FSAI Code of Practice for Food Incidents

GC gave an introduction on this topic as it related to the consultation role of the FSCC under the FSAI Act. The consultation references were covered in sections 12 & 14 of the Act and also discussed in terms of the agreed FSCC Governance Framework. GC thanked the Council for their 2022 recommendations following on from FSCC Subgroup activity on the topic of ‘Food Safety Crisis’, with five FSAI recommendations to the Council proposed for future work. This meeting agenda item seeking Council input to a review of guidance on food incident management is linked to these recommendations.

MM talked through the planned revision of the FSAI Code of Practice No. 5 for Food Incidents and alerts. It is proposed that the online notification form be updated and simplified for future reporting from all stakeholders. Future training for official agencies and business owners will follow once the new CoP has been agreed. Focus groups will be set up to gather relevant information and feedback from stakeholders. The next steps of this project will be conveyed in due course.


  • GP to share CoP No.5 FSCC discussion point questions with FSCC
  • FSCC members to provide feedback to the FSAI

FSAI Update to FSCC

The FSAI update was circulated in advance of the meeting for review, updating Council members of recent FSAI activities that include:

  • Recent press releases
  • FSAI publications and events
  • Food Incidents of significance
  • FSAI Scientific Committee
  • Any other topical issues

GC provided the Council with a brief update of recent work carried out at FSAI, confirming the appointment of Ann Horan as the recently appointed Chair designate of the FSAI Board.

It was confirmed that the FSAI Strategy 2019-2023 has been extended until the end of 2024. Work will begin shortly on a new strategy, with stakeholder input important to this work. 

MM gave an overview of recent of the botulism incident alongside colleagues in relevant authorities within France.


  • RB to confirm 2023 sub-group volunteers to FSCC 

FSAI Open Meeting 2023

The 2023 Open Meeting will be on the topic of ‘Food Safety and Sustainability’, with a focus on the food safety aspect. FSAI will share the agreed event title with the Council once confirmed. The event will be held in-person at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin on Thursday 16th November and invitations would be extended to Council and industry over the coming weeks.


  • FSAI to circulate invitations once all details are confirmed
  • Council members invited to share with their networks

Appointment of Deputy Chair to FSCC

RB confirmed this appointment remains outstanding and that the nomination process will be extended in order to fill the vacant role within the Council.


  • Council members to nominate directly to RB/GP by 29th September 2023.




  • N/a.