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Consultative Council Meeting - 26th January 2023

Members Present

  • Ray Bowe, Musgraves [RB] (Chair)
  • Sorcha Kavanagh, Repak [SK]
  • Louise Reynolds, INDI [LR]
  • Conor Mulvihill, DII [CM]
  • Dave Lang, Craft Butchers of Ireland [DL]
  • Mark Christal, Enterprise Ireland [MC]
  • Patrick Farrell, ex IFA [PF]
  • Annette Sweeney, TUD [AS]
  • Siobhan Murphy, HSE [SM]
  • Jamie Knox, Dr Pepper [JK]
  • Eamonn Quinn, Kelsius [EQ]
  • Jonathan Griffith, IHTA [JG]
  • Janis Morrissey, Irish Heart Foundation [JM]
  • Paula Barry Walsh, DAFM (retired) [PBW]
  • Deirdre Ryan, Bord Bia [DR]

FSAI Staff Present

  • Gail Carroll [GC]
  • Jane Ryder [JR]
  • Gerard Power [GP]
  • Rob Phillips [RP]*


  • Pamela Byrne [PB]
  • Caroline Keeling, Keelings [CK]
  • Dermott Jewell, CAI [DJ]
  • Catherine Morrison, BIM [CM]
  • Alice McGlynn, Consultant [AMG]
  • Paul McKeown, HPSC [PMK]
  • Adrian Cummins, RAI [AC]
  • Regina Sexton, UCC [RS]

*Indicates only present for a section of the meeting

Introduction and Welcome

Chair RB welcomed all attendees and began by acknowledging previous contributions to the Council by the late Paula Mee, who sadly passed away recently.

All new members to the Council for 2023 were welcomed and the services of outgoing members were acknowledged:

  • Maree Gallagher
  • Cormac Healy
  • James McCrudden
  • Tim O’Brien
  • Martin Roper

In person introductions were then made by all attendees. RB proposed that all FSCC meetings for the duration of 2023 will revert to in person events unless otherwise notified.

Declarations of Interest

None Declared.

Council members were reminded to review section 2.4 of the Governance Framework circulated by FSAI in line with new practices.


  • Council members to review section 2.4 of Governance Framework
  • Completed Declarations of Interest to be submitted to GP by 28.02.23

Agree Minutes of Previous meeting (22 Sept 2022)

The minutes were agreed without amendment. All actions from previous meeting have been closed out.


  • Post agreed minutes to FSAI website.

FSCC Chair report to FSAI Board for 2022

RB updated on the FSCC presentation given to the FSAI Board in December 2022. It is within the remit of the Chair and in line with the Governance Framework to update the FSAI Board on an annual basis, with the next report scheduled for December 2023.

The Board were updated on the following topics:

  • FSCC Governance Framework
  • Subgroup updates and recommendations
  • FSCC Open Meeting 2022
  • Update on outgoing members leaving in 2022
  • A look ahead to FSCC work in 2023

RB advised of the feedback received from the Board in relation to the increased participation of International guest speakers at FSCC Open Meetings in 2021 and 2022, utilising virtual platforms.

Q&A: PBW led a conversation with RB and GC about FSCC recommendations to the FSAI board. The need to ensure the work of the Council supports and compliments the work of the FSAI was noted and agreed.

Review of FSCC Open Meeting 2022

The topic for the 2022 Open Meeting was Click & Eat – What’s cooking in online food delivery. JR gave a presentation outlining the work carried out in preparation by FSAI and the data accumulated from engagement with participants. FSAI continues to try and build a virtual audience for these events by:

  • Using opt-in email marketing sources
  • Using organic and boosted social media posts
  • Diary notice and press release
  • Equipping participants with information to share
  • Demonstrating the hot topics and presentations for this event
  • Showcasing speakers and panellists
  • Making the registration process user friendly
  • Word of mouth via FSAI networks

Over 150 engaged users were noted during the event with enhanced audience participation captured via online in-presentation polling and panel Q&A interaction.

JR thanked all FSCC members for circulating news of the event with industry contacts.

Q&A: The Council discussed the merits of virtual versus in person events, as previously held by FSAI. JR and GC informed the Council of greater online participation for virtual events held in 2021 and 2022, also echoing FSAI Board feedback that virtual events allow FSAI to broaden their search for potential speakers given the option to negate travel arrangements when engaging with invitees.
PBW suggested more engagement with the press for future events, with DL also proposing contact with the Irish Guild of Food Writers. JG suggested enhanced engagement with industry through an increase in distributed material.

FSCC Workplan 2023

RB confirmed that a list of potential topics for future FSCC subgroups would be drafted an circulated to Council members to vote on for the duration of 2023 and also for FSCC subgroup work in 2024. It was agreed that a shortlist of 6 to 8 topics would be drawn from for this work. Additional suggestions were made during the meeting by the members which were noted.

FSCC will consult with the FSAI to draw up a list of potential topics. Due to the proximity of the first FSCC meeting to be held in 2023 on 9th March it was agreed in advance that the topic for this meeting would be on the subject of ‘Food Fraud’. RP will take the lead within FSAI and is currently sourcing possible guest speakers to present on the day. RP is awaiting feedback from potential industry and academia contacts and will update the Council in due course.


  • Guest presenters to be confirmed for Food Fraud subgroup topic for March meeting.
  • FSAI and Chair to finalise list of potential topics for 2023 and 2024 for FSCC vote.
  • Council members to email any suggestions.

FSAI Update to FSCC

The FSAI update was circulated in advance of the meeting for review, updating Council members of recent FSAI activities that include:

  • Recent press releases
  • FSAI publications and events
  • Industry Fora updates
  • Food Incidents of significance
  • FSAI Scientific Committee
  • Any other topical issues

GC spoke of the recent press release from FSAI relating to Enforcement Orders served on Irish food businesses throughout 2022 by the FSAI. It was noted that the 65 closure orders served throughout 2022 marked a 31% increase on the number served in 2021. Pest control is consistently being cited as a factor during such inspections, with SM providing insightful HSE perspective.

FSAI will hold the next Breakfast Bite session on 1st March to highlight ongoing issues around pest control and will circulate details of this event once confirmed by the Training and Compliance team

An update was also provided on the Food Reformulation Task Force meeting between FSAI and Healthy Ireland on 2nd December 2022.


It was noted that Marcella Rudden has resigned from the Council as a contributor due to change in employer and contact will be initiated with DoH to determine any potential nomination on their behalf.

A Deputy Chair for the Council may be sought due to the increased numbers of participants, with a future update to follow a subsequent meeting from RB.


  • FSAI to inform DoH of resignation and seek potential nominee for Ministerial appointment.
  • Update on Deputy Chair position to be provided to Council.