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Consultative Council - 26th March 2019

Minutes of the Consultative Council Meeting, 26th March 2019.


  • Ray Bowe, Chair [RB]
  • Jamie Knox [JK] 
  • James McCrudden [JMC]
  • Eamonn Quinn [EQ]
  • Dermot Gates [DG]
  • Annette Sweeney [AS]
  • Dermott Jewell [DJ]
  • Siobhan Murphy [SM]
  • Maree Gallagher [MG]


  • Martin Roper [MR]
  • Tim O’Brien [TOB]
  • Brendan Kehoe [BK]
  • Cormac Healy [CH] 


  • Pamela Byrne [PB]
  • Ray Ellard [RE]
  • Dorothy Guina Dornan, [DGD]
  • Áine Brady [ÁB]
  • Carl Hunter [CH] 
  • Colm Moore [CM] attended for Agenda Item IV. Only.


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and introduced Áine Brady who was replacing Eileen Lippert at the meeting. 

Minutes of previous meeting on 11 December 2018

The minutes were agreed without amendment.

Matters arising

There were no other matters arising that were not agenda items. 

Pest risks in premises – challenges – Rentokil

Carl Hunter and Colm Moore from Rentokil joined the meeting and gave a presentation on the following:

  • Rentokil Overview: Innovation, Services & Training 
  • Pest Control Industry Ireland
  • Pest Control Challenges & Changes – Business and Industry: components of IPM, key to managing pests, pest trends 2018 & legislation
  • Real World Pest Control – Pest Awareness 

After the presentation there was a discussion in relation to standards in Ireland compared to other countries. There is inconsistency of pest controllers and inspections and, more communication needs to be given to industry with training materials that are available online. There was a general discussion in relation to sensors and different technology used. Rentokil use a Google Cloud Platform for training technicians that provides newsletters, quizzes and e-learning.

Action: RE will look into sharing the e-learning modules with industry. 

PB gave an update on the Closure Orders and the issues with pest control. Businesses need to put controls in place to prevent this issue and be more proactive. 

Action: RE to provide a summary of closure orders that happened over the last year due to pest control issues and what type of businesses it’s affecting. It was agreed that a Sub-group would be set up to look at this issue.

Open Meeting 2019

The sub-group for the Open Meeting had a conference call and agreed to have 3-4 speakers at the event. A title still needs to be agreed, RE suggested Food It’s A Wrap? The following topics were suggested:

  • Food Waste
  • Sustainability 
  • Organic
  • Plastics
  • Used by Date

Action: Members to e-mail Eileen Lippert with suggested speakers by the end of next week. FSAI need to send the information to the designers as soon as possible. 


Pamela Byrne gave the members an update on the following:

  • Meeting the grocery and retailer distributors this afternoon
  • Import, export and regulatory compliance: currently no export certificates are required
  • FSAI have an MOU with the FSAUK and are collaborating with them
  • There is an FAQ published on the FSAI website: keep up to date on the FSAI website 
  • Labelling and origin of foods
  • Food supplements notifications: new system for self-declaration
  • Went through what happens next at Westminster in relation to the votes
  • Industry engagement: had a meeting with retailers on 6th March and hosted a half day seminar in the Crowne Plaza on 13th March with over 200 people in attendance 
  • Working with other Governments and agencies: having weekly meetings
  • Preparing additional resources in FSAI and other agencies 
  • Completed three days of training with new and existing EHOs that have been reassigned 
  • RE leading a working group with the FSA in relation to food incidents
  • Industry: need to be in compliance with the EU food law. There is information available on the FSAI website and e-learning tools. Make sure all documentation is accurate and submit on time in relation to consignments coming through the port

MG discussed the issue of contracts with non-Irish customers. Product specification will need to be EU approved.

Food Fraud

There was not enough time to cover this presentation. Peter Whelan, Director of Audit & Investigations, FSAI will join the next meeting to give a presentation on Food Fraud. 

FSAI Update

Raymond Ellard updated the members on the main issues that have arisen in the FSAI since the last meeting. These included a summary of:

  • FSCC membership: four member’s terms were up in February. RE has been in touch with the Department in relation to this
  • Food incidents
  • Protective disclosures
  • Scientific Committee are producing a report on Advice on Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) Detection in Food, it will be available soon 
  • Country of origin on labelling: new legislation in April
  • Training: produced e-learning on 2073/2005 micro criteria. Had meetings with third level colleges and food safety advisor who provide training in the food sector

Any Other Business

RB mentioned that it is World Food Safety Day on 7th June. PB informed members that FSAI are collaborating with Safefood to do something on Campylobacter for this event. 

Date of next meeting – Open Meeting 14th May 2019

The Open Meeting will take place at the Science Gallery in TCD. The date for the next meeting after the Open Meeting is 24th July 2019.