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Retail Forum - 5th February 2020

Minutes of the Retail Forum 5th February 2020


  • Dorothy Guina-Dornan (Chair) FSAI
  • Alison Connor FSAI
  • Clodagh Crehan FSAI
  • Lisa O’Connor FSAI
  • Carol Heavey FSAI
  • Gail Carroll FSAI
  • Maria Meghan FSAI
  • Nuala Collins FSAI
  • Elaine Clohosey BWG
  • Trish Twohig Iceland
  • Peter Wight M&S
  • Aoife Noonan Lidl
  • Sharon Murphy Barrys
  • Aisling McGough Tesco
  • Lynda Kenny Musgraves Wholesale/Daybreak
  • Ben McGinn Gala
  • Katie Creamer Aldi
  • Stacy Forsyth Circle K
  • Derek Bauer HSE
  • Caroline Garvan DAFM
  • Julie Bolton DAFM
  • Nick Barwise DAFM
  • Noreen Galvin DAFM
  • Sunita Jeawon DAFM


  • Tara Buckley RGDATA
  • Jenni O’Brien Avoca
  • Gareth Coburn Pallas Foods
  • Jonathon Halls Boots
  • Stephen Browne Retail Ireland
  • Mary Daly Dunnes
  • Lucy O’Connor Musgraves SuperValu/Centra
  • Caroline O’Connor Gala

1. Antimicrobial Resistance – Caroline Garvan & Julie Bolton, DAFM

The DAFM Representatives gave a presentation on the AMR developments and noted that iNAP2 is going forward and there is a great collective drive on this issue with involvement by stakeholders including Meat Industry Ireland and Bord Bia. DoHC are also engaging consumers on their own use of antibiotics. A network group has been set up to co-ordinate with Northern Ireland.
Action: The Group was asked to consider how we can move forward on the statement of intent.
Action: Invite Tech Personnel from the Retailers to a meeting on this issue. There could be an open sharing of information from Retailers and wider industry representatives e.g. Meat Industry Ireland and Bord Bia.

2. BREXIT Imports Preparations – Nick Barwise, DAFM

Nick Barwise gave a presentation with an overview of DAFM preparations. Retailers should consider single loads as mixed loads will pose a challenge. DAFM asked all to ensure that the pre-notifications were provided. If there was a logistical reason that information could not be provided e.g. truck registration that Retailers should follow up with the information asap. The more time DAFM has the more prepared Ireland will be to deal with loads.
Note: SPS Regs are separate to Customs tariffs and trade deals.
Note: Documentary and identity checks at 100% is possible
Note: All Retailers should prepare for a no deal and talk to your suppliers.

3. Agree Minutes of the meeting 17th September 2019 

There were some errors in the minutes which were discussed and agreed at the meeting.

4. Matters Arising

a. Safe Catering Pack

The updated Safe Catering Pack will be available next week at a cost of €100 however the new parts of the document will be available free of charge on the FSAI website.

b. ‘Vegan’ and ‘Vegetarian’

FSAI has received some complaints regarding the use of the word ‘cheese’ in vegan products. FSAI is considering this issue.

5. FSAI Updates

a. Definition of Sourdough Bread

FSAI has received complaints from both consumers and Artisans on the definition of sourdough. Work is taking place at the Artisan Forum to develop industry definition. There is no EU definition. FSAI will share the draft definition when it is available. The Retailers expressed their wish to input into the definition if possible.

b. Commission Guidance on Acrylamide

The EU Commission has issued guidance on acrylamide and requested monitoring of acrylamide levels in baby foods. The HSE and DAFM are developing a monitoring programme and will feedback to the Commission.

c. Infant Formula with HMO

Nuala Collins, Public Health Nutrition Safety Manager gave a presentation on HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides). FSAI received a large number of complaints in 2019 and reported the following outcome:

Printed Consumer Communications

  • Any materials created after 31.10.19 will not include terms Human Milk Oligosaccharide, HMO or structurally identical human milk oligosaccharide
  • Any current materials that are already printed or are ‘work in progress’ will be either amended within 3 months or not used from January 2020.

Online Consumer Communications

  • Any materials created after 31 October 2019 will not include the terms Human Milk Oligosaccharide, HMO or structurally identical human milk oligosaccharide
  • Any current or ‘work in progress’ materials will be either amended within 1-3 months or not used from January 2020.

Next production run of product labels

  • Expected to be January 2020, will not refer to ‘Human Milk Oligosaccharides’, HMO nor ‘structurally identical human milk oligosaccharides’.

ASAI – complaint upheld

  • The advertisement is considered in breach of the advertising code and the company have been advised the advertisement must not be used in its current form. 4th December 2019.
  • ASAI rulings apply to all Irish media

d. Primary Origin Labelling

FSAI has received a response from the EU Commission and noted it is not feasible with currently legislation to combine a Member State with a Region.

Products must be labelled as UK NI or United Kingdom Northern Ireland or EU and Non EU. The deadline is the 1st April 2020.

Noted: FSAI noted we have received a lot of queries however we were awaiting the EU Commission response before reverting to FBOs. FSAI will respond to all queries asap.
Noted: FSAI will publish a Q&A on our website.
Noted: FSAI has met with Bord Bia and is discussing registered trademarks.
Noted: FSAI is aware of the technical challenges and will deal with each label on a case by case basis.

6. AOB

a. Calories on menus

FSAI reported that this is a DoHC initiative. The closing date for the consultation is the 14.02.20. The FSAI has a free platform for calculating calories on menus available.

b. Escalation of pest problems Nationwide

The escalation of pest problems in premises was discussed and FSAI reported that this issue will be discussed at the upcoming Enforcement Consistency meeting where a note can be developed for a national EHO approach.

7. Date for next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for the 12th May 2020.