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Foods of animal origin

Food of animal origin imported into Ireland from a third country is subject to veterinary controls at one of Ireland’s Border Control Posts (BCPs). It is also subject to specific requirements such as registration of the importer, pre-notification of its arrival, submission of mandatory documentation and identity and physical checks on arrival at the border control post.

Register with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM)

Importers of food of animal origin must register with DAFM. The person responsible for the consignment must register on TRACES NT. This is an EU online platform used for the importation of animal products, certain food of non-animal origin and plants into the EU, as well as certain intra-EU trade and exports of animals and certain animal products.

Get details on how to register with DAFM

Documents and pre-notification

The person responsible for the load (the importer, or an agent working on their behalf) must complete and submit a Common Health Entry Document (CHED-P) for animal products through TRACES, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the consignment’s arrival into Ireland.
Check the information on DAFM’s website to make sure you have the correct documents for your product of animal origin.

A CHED is required for each animal product so a mixed load could have a number of CHEDs for one consignment 

Check your supply chain

Make sure your suppliers of food of animal origin can provide you with the appropriate documents and certificates to allow the foods to be imported.