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National legislation

The Regulations give effect to the detailed requirements of two international agreements to which Ireland is a signatory, namely the ATP, or more correctly, the 'Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage'. This Agreement dates from Geneva in 1970. The other is the Agreement on the Rules governing the Carriage of Frozen and Deep Frozen Foodstuffs by equipment with thin side walls, to and from Italy. It was signed in 1986.

The Regulations apply to insulated, refrigerated, mechanically refrigerated and heated transport equipment used or intended to be used, for the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs.  Foodstuffs and classes of foodstuffs known as perishable foodstuffs are prescribed, as designated in the ATP. Temperature limits, standards for insulation and other requirements for transport equipment of these foods are specified. The Regulations also make provision for testing and examination of transport equipment and certification of compliance and issue of certification plates. The National Standards Authority of Ireland is the Competent Authority for certification of equipment.

Additional standards apply for certain transport equipment used for the carriage of frozen or deep-frozen foodstuffs to or from Italy during the summer months each year (April to October).