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Reports on Zoonoses

Until 2004, the European Commission published an annual Community report on trends and sources of zoonotic agents in animals, feedingstuffs, food and humans in the European Union. The European Commission bestowed a mandate onto the EFSA concerning the monitoring of zoonoses and therefore since 2005 'The Community Summary Report on Trends and Sources of Zoonoses, Zoonotic Agents and Antimicrobial resistance in the European Union' has been prepared by the Animal Diseases Transmissible to Humans (Zoonoses) Unit of the European Food Safety Authority, in collaboration with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The reports can be accessed on the EFSA's website.

The Zoonoses Unit also analyses the EU-wide baseline surveys on zoonotic agents in animals and food. The Unit is assisted by the Task Force on Zoonoses Data Collection, which comprises of representatives of Member States, other reporting countries as well as international organisations.