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Environmental Monitoring

The Regulation requires two types of food business operator to take samples from processing areas and equipment used in food production (environmental monitoring):

  1. Manufacturers of dried infant formulae or dried foods for special medical purpose intended for infants below six months which pose a Cronobacter spp. risk must monitor for Enterobacteriaceae
  2. Manufacturers of ready-to-eat foods which may pose a Listeria monocytogenes risk for public health must monitor for L. monocytogenes

The following guidance on conducting environmental monitoring for L. monocytogenes is available:

  1. EURL Lm Technical Guidance Document on sampling the food processing area and equipment for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes V4 2023-10-03
  2. The Control and Management of Listeria monocytogenes Contamination of Food (FSAI 2005)
    For information on actions should L. monocytogenes be detected on food contact surfaces or non-food contact surfaces, see pages 28-33 in this document.