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How do Food Business Operators Comply?

Food business operators must make sure that the food they handle, supply or process complies with any relevant microbiological criteria set in Commission Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005.
The steps a food business operator must take in order to comply will vary depending on the activities they carry out. Some food business need to sample and test food at the frequency set in the Regulation. Others will simply need to maintain good hygiene practice and adequate temperature control. And some food business will only handle food for which no relevant criteria are set in the Regulation.

The Regulation has most impact on food businesses that produce, manufacture or package food for which there is a relevant criterion set in the Regulation. Depending on the activities carried out in their food business, a food business operator may need to:

  1. Identify criteria in the Regulation that are relevant to the food they manufacture, package or product
  2. Test (where appropriate) the food they produce, manufacture or package to check it complies with the relevant criteria
  3. Take the appropriate action if test results are unsatisfactory
  4. Analyse trends in their test results
  5. Conduct environmental monitoring
  6. Comply with the Regulation’s labelling requirement for minced meat and meat preparations
  7. Demonstrate the food complies with relevant criteria throughout its shelf-life

Use our Guidance Note 27 to get more detailed information on what you need to do.

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