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Bread Sold Unwrapped

Q. Is it a legal requirement to wrap bread in farmers markets or local shops?

It is not a legal requirement to wrap bread at farmers markets or local shops. It is however a legal requirement that food is protected from any contamination. This applies to all food at all stages in the food chain. So, if the bread is properly protected it does not have to be wrapped.

In deciding if bread needs to be wrapped you need to consider:

  • what is the level of protection given to the bread?
  • what other products is the bread displayed with?
  • whether it is self service or is the bread kept behind the counter
  • if self service, what staff supervision is there?
  • where the bread is stored / displayed, how is the bread protected from dust, pests or handling by customers?
  • whether tongs or other utensils are available
  • whether bags are available
  • whether there are signs on how to handle the bread safely