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Compliance with food safety legislation

You must ensure you are compliant with food safety legislation.

Register your on-street food business

You must register your on-street food business with the local environmental health office of the Health Service Executive before you start operating, even if you are operating from home. This requirement to register includes volunteer cooks or bakers working from home, to provide food to the homeless, as part of an on-street set up or soup-run type operation.

If you have been operating for some time and are not registered, you must do so now to ensure that you are complying with food law and to ensure that the food you produce is safe to eat.

See how to register your food business.

Familiarise yourself with food hygiene legislation

All food businesses, big or small, whether operating from a business premises, in the home or from a mobile unit or food stall, must be aware of the legislation regarding food hygiene and food safety. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring the food you produce and/or distribute is safe to eat. See more information on food hygiene basics and legislation