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Online Learning with the FSAI

The FSAI Learning Portal is available free to all food businesses, and has been designed with specialised content that will assist food businesses in keeping up to date on food safety. There is a wide variety of content, including eLearning modules, webinars, short videos and explainers on a wide variety of topics.

The portal is designed to supplement the food safety training being provided by food businesses, with easily incorporated learning materials, so that they can be used in a flexible manner:

  • as part of a food safety course
  • inclusion in staff meetings
  • self-learning at a time and pace that suits the learner.

Some of the eLearning modules included in the new Learning Portal include:

Food safety culture

FSAI’s new module on food safety culture will help you understand your obligations to develop, maintain and demonstrate appropriate food safety culture in your business. This module will help you to:

  • recognise the importance of having an appropriate food safety culture.
  • reflect on your current food safety culture and identify improvements that you can make.
  • demonstrate your food safety culture to inspectors and customers.
  • place food safety at the core of your role.

Food safety controls in Ireland

This module will help you understand the role of the FSAI and the official agencies responsible for supervising food businesses in Ireland. You will also learn about resources you can use to help keep your business operating safely.

Product recall

This topic area contains short videos on product recalls and what to do when something goes wrong as well as related resources, including guidance note 10 on product recall and traceability and a form for reporting a food incident to the FSAI.

Why Food Safety Matters

This module highlights the importance of food safety in protecting the public and the risks of failing to get it right. Hear from the business owner and parent of a sick child at the centre of a food poisoning case and test you skills in the What do you think went wrong quiz.