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Get Started with HACCP

Once the prerequisite programmes are in place, you can begin to build HACCP on top of these. The first steps are:

  • ensure staff involved in the development of the HACCP-based procedures have a basic understanding of HACCP. If it is necessary to hire a consultant, businesses should ensure staff understand how the system works and are suitably trained to ensure effective implementation
  • depending on the size of the business, assemble staff into a small team, with a team leader to lead in designing and implementing of the HACCP-based procedures. In the case of a small business, the 'team' may be just one person. The team should have a good knowledge of your business. Initially, your team will be required to spend a reasonable amount of time and effort to develop and implement the HACCP-based procedures
  • describe your product(s) and the intended use by consumers and then, depending on the size of the business, draw up a flow diagram to show each step of your operation. Walk through your operation to confirm that the diagram is correct and check that it covers all the foods your business produces