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National FSAI Food Guides

The Safe Catering Pack

An open Safe Catering Pack lying on a counter

The Safe Catering Pack is designed for caterers as a practical, easy-to-use, food safety management system. The pack contains a safe catering plan that you complete for your business. It also contains: 

  • hygiene requirements that must be met 
  • a Declaration of Completion and Review that must be filled in and signed to show that you are meeting your legal requirement to have a food safety management system in place 
  • recording forms and checklists to help you to record your checks, training and allergen management. 

Individual recording forms can be downloaded free of charge or photocopied from the recording forms in Section 6 of the pack

Purchase the Safe Catering Pack here.

Purchase recording forms.

Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Guide for Low-Throughput Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Pig Slaughterhouses

The front cover of Food Safety Management System guide

This Food Safety Management System Guide has been produced to help low-throughput slaughterhouses comply with the legal requirements of food hygiene legislation. 

  • Section A contains the 12 prerequisite programmes (PRPs) that specify the 
  • infrastructure, good hygiene and manufacturing practices, and other important 
  • requirements, needed to be correctly in place. 
  • Section B contains the Daily Slaughter Record and other records designed to 
  • capture all the most important activities completed by the food business operators 
  • (FBOs). The procedures they represent are explained in detail in the PRPs and the 
  • standard operating procedures (SOPs) of Sections A, C and D. 
  • Section C contains cattle, sheep and goat slaughter SOPs. 
  • Section D contains pig slaughter SOPs. 
  • Section E contains information relating to hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) - related information.

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Food Safety Workbook for Farmhouse Cheesemakers

The front cover of the Food Safety Workbook for Farmhouse Cheesemakers

This workbook has been produced to assist farmhouse cheesemakers meet their legal obligation to develop and implement a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP. 

The workbook takes a step by step approach to describing and recording individual operations in cheesemaking, from raw material production/purchasing through to the storage and dispatch of cheese. 

Download the guide.

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