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Meet HACCP Requirements

There are three ways to achieve the HACCP requirement:

  1. For low-risk businesses, complying with the basic hygiene rules in the legislation (Article 4 and Annex II) may be enough to control hazards.
  2. Follow a recognised guide to good practice, e.g., I.S. 340:2007 Hygiene in the Catering Sector developed by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.
  3. Develop a formal HACCP system – this would usually be required by big businesses like supermarkets, large restaurants and hotels, hospital canteens, etc.

Important! You must be able to show that the option you choose is sufficient to control any hazards. You can discuss this with your inspecting officer.

Remember! The responsibility for safe food lies with the food business operator.

See our Guidance Note 11 for more detail on these options.